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Simulator Training For AIR DEFENCE

The BEST Air Defence simulators provide comprehensive training for air defence.

Training applications range from perfecting basic skills up to participation in multi-user combat scenarios. All key elements can be adapted by the user to utilise confidential data in order to achieve operational and experimental goals. The facilities include:

semi-autonomous forces, customisable aircraft performance, various airborne radar and weapons systems and communications that comply with national reporting rules. The system can represent dynamic weather and can replicate tactical procedures.

All systems are supplied complete with:

controller facilities, comprehensive instructor and pseudo-pilot tools, system management utilities and ongoing support services.

Our systems are in use worldwide with both civil and military authorities. The Air Defence Simulator enables military users to train for a wide range of missions within the Air Defence environment.



The System Cover:

  • Air Defence training
  • Radar and non-radar operations
  • Military specialisations, including close, loose and bulls eye control
  • Classroom, part task and basic skills training
  • Conversion and refresher training
  • Design, testing and evaluation tasks

Key Features:

  • In use with NATO countries
  • Modern air defence displays
  • Dynamic tote displays
  • Multiple displays with user control of windows
  • Use and control of secure data
  • Selection of weapons and radar types
  • Weapons performance and deployment
  • Search and engagement procedures
  • Standard reports of aircraft status
  • Simulation of enemy forces, behaviours and reactions: avoid, engage and aggressive
  • Formations flying
  • Combat air patrols
  • Advanced controller tools
  • Fuel consumption and endurance modelling
  • Simulation of operational communications
  • Selection of aircraft mix in air forces
  • Counter and counter-counter measures
  • Standard national military phraseology
  • Detailed aircraft performance profiles
  • Powerful, fast pseudo-pilot facilities
  • Scripting tools to reduce staffing levels and provide easy simulation of procedures

The System are Configurable

  • Classroom sessions using special self-teach, instructor and debrief facilities
  • In full-scope simulated operations rooms with generic or emulated radar and information displays
  • A choice of radar displays, including 2K x 2K, to meet different training needs, budgets and space constraints
  • Stimulation of operational workstations

Integra tion with other ATM & ATC radar and tower simulators