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The Airside Driver Trainer (ADT) simulator provides a safe, versatile, and dynamic ‘hands-on’ learning environment for airport driver training.

The ADT provides trainee drivers of inspection, service and push-back vehicles with competency-based training and validation to operate safely in specific airports. The simulator training system can be used for training with a range of different vehicle types, both civil and military aircraft types, and in demanding weather conditions such as low visibility. Airport drivers learn and can be tested in latest procedures, radio communications skills and emergency situations to attain current and expected regulatory training requirements.


The ADT helps to:

  • Reduce vehicle runway incursions
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce the growing costs of vehicle/aircraft damage
  • Minimise interruptions to airside operations


The ADT delivers training outcomes safely without tying up operational staff or airside vehicles in the live working environment. By practicing in various virtual scenarios, drivers gain essential skills and a familiarity with procedures and potential hazards that transfer quickly to their live airside working environment.


“Statistics show that most runway incursions occur in visual meteorological conditions during daylight hours; however, most accidents occur in low visibility or at night.” –  ICAO Doc 9870 AN/463 ‘Manual on the Prevention of Runway Incursions’ (2007).